The difference between ablative and non ablative laser resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing treatments can provide wonderful results and leave your skin smoother and younger looking. With our busy lives and hectic schedules we just don’t have the time to spend days and weeks recovering in our living room. There are two types of laser treatments ablative and non-ablative. And the recovery time varies between the two. Ablative laser treatments are very intense and require downtime.

These treatments are to be done by a doctor. They’re highly of effective in removing skin imperfections like eggs spots pigmentation problems scarring but require a lot of downtime due to the healing. Ablative treatments are not always recommended for dark skin types.

Non-ablative laser treatment for skin have a wonderful added benefit with no recovery time. Recovery after in Nona blue if treatment is very minimal. Most patients come in and can head back to their daily lives in a few hours. Seven redness occurs the next day depending on how high the wave length is turned up and how many passes are done over the area.