Permanent Skin Growth Removal

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High frequency medical grade Super Frax delivers a powerful high frequency to cauterize skin growths so they remain permanently gone. The micro probe stays above the skins surface gently removing from the skin unwanted skin growths.

A list of what can be removed

Cherry Angiomas, Sun spots, Age Spots, Skin Tags, Cholesterol deposits, Calcium Deposits, Hyper-pigment spots, Broken Capillaries.

Is it safe?

Yes, very safe. Most spots are not cancerous and can be removed by a certified technician that is able to identify the different skin growths.

How its works?

A this probe that delivers high frequency across the growth to either cauterize or remove the unwanted lesions by sliding over the area. A scab will appear shortly after and within a few days falls off leaving the area smooth again.

Only one treatment is needed.

Prices per area is $45.

Home Laser Hair removal

Skin Care, Medical, Laser, Spa