How does Fraxil Non ablative compared to E matrix?

Both treatments create some sort of tissue abruption in the skin for permanent changes. Fraxil is fraxonator dots in the email tricks is not a laser it is an energy type of machine.

Fraxil uses energy focus fraxonated energy to heat up the skin in columns to create a thermal response.

Most patients require more than one session to see results. Also the results take a few months to show up as a treatment continues to work overtime.

Imitrex uses fractional energy but it is radio frequency energy not a laser energy. The energy is spread out more broadly beneath the top layer of skin versus columns in the Fraxil laser treatment.

Both treatments create super heating under the skin and the results the final results take a few months to kick in for both.

Both are great for achieving skin re-texturing and collagen production along with wrinkle and scar reduction.